Sales enablement is an important role with lofty goals. The mission extends way beyond sales operations; it includes sales management and sales leadership. But what are you enabling?

Are you enabling your team to do their very best work? Are you giving them the tools, the technology, and the training? Are you helping them to get chops?

Or are you really enabling them to go it alone?

Are you enabling the individuals on your team to grow? Are you helping them acquire increasingly challenging opportunities that stretch them? Are you helping them make sense of what they are learning so they can apply it in the future?

Or are you answering their questions, giving them direction, and creating dependents?

Are you enabling the individuals on your team to shed old, unhealthy beliefs and exchange them for new, healthier beliefs? Are you helping them with the mental game that underlies all of their results–or lack thereof?

Or are you enabling their deeper entrenchment in unhealthy beliefs, a poor attitude, and a victim mindset?

Are you enabling your sales force to create value at the highest level? Is what you are doing providing them the ability to generate breakthrough results for your clients? Are you enabling them to develop relationships of value, the kind of relationships that make lifetime clients?

Or are you sending them out into the world unequipped, making them value destroyers?

What kind of enabler are you?

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
August 4, 2013
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