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I write about caring because I believe it lies at the heart of trust and relationships. In the end, you are going to measure your life by your relationships, including your relationships at work and with your clients.

I write about value creation because I believe that we have a responsibility to make a difference. As you measure your relationships, you are going to weigh heavily the difference you made for others (and the difference they made for you).

I write about nurturing relationships because it is the natural way we open and forge new relationships, including business relationships. Fast is slow. Slow is fast.

I write about prospecting because it is the first step in winning an opportunity and making a difference for your clients, yourself, and your company. It solves more sales problems than almost anything else.

I write about building consensus because that is how decisions are taken now. Without consensus, opportunities aren’t created or won. Without consensus, the status quo wins.

I write on personal development because you are all you have to work with. You are the only asset you ever really own free and clear. The more you improve the asset that is you, the greater difference you make.

Business has never been more challenging. It will only get more challenging as we pass through the Disruptive Age. You need professional grade chops. That’s why I write about professional development.

I write about success. Sometimes I write about financial success because making money is important, and making money doesn’t mean you don’t value all the other measures of success (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).

I write about human potential and the human spirit because I believe we haven’t yet scratched the surface of our capabilities. Individually and collectively.

I write about excellence because it is what we are capable of. It is what we strive to be: excellent. This striving for excellence is how we continually improve.

I write about resourcefulness because it is the linchpin attribute. There is always a way—even when we can’t see it. We don’t lack resources. We need to put more faith in ourselves and our resourcefulness.

Initiative is the antidote to complacency. It is caring in action. I write about initiative because being proactive in the important things produces incredible results.

I write about Me Management, or self-discipline, because it the cornerstone attribute of successful people. It is the difference that makes a difference and produces results.

I write about business acumen and situational knowledge because these two ideas are what it takes to succeed in sales and business today. I write about competition because it is what helps us continue to improve, and because things worth having are worth fighting for.

I write about capturing value because we have chased the bottom for too long and found it. Without the profits you need to deliver for your clients, you can’t make a difference.

I write about optimism because, despite any alarmist, pessimistic views to the contrary, things just keep getting better all the time. Your attitude determines the quality of your life–and the experience you give others.

I write about determination because most things worth doing take effort. If they’re really worth doing, you’re likely to fail a few (or a bunch) of times on your way to success. You have to hang in there.

I write about passion because this life is short. You need to throw yourself into it. It’s the only one you’re getting, and you can’t call for a do over. Make it count.

Sales Goals 2013
Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 15, 2013

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Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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