You don’t want no pain; you want to know pain. Most of the reason people don’t produce the results they want is because they avoid pain. Really, they avoid even being uncomfortable.

But, You Know This

When you first start exercising, especially lifting weights, you really know pain. Each workout hurts, and the time it takes to recover is considerable. But over time the pain changes. It starts to feel good. The pain is an indication that you’re getting stronger, that you’re progressing. And then what used to be painful is hardly a workout.

But without the pain, you never get stronger, you never get better. In fact, you likely get weaker, your muscles atrophy.

You only improve by increasing the pain. By using it to your advantage.

Know Pain

You want to know pain. You want to do what makes you uncomfortable. You want to build your intestinal fortitude, your ability to withstand being in an uncomfortable, painful place.

If you want to know how to do better than you’ve ever done, then embrace pain, instead of avoiding it like so many others.

The more pain you can withstand without flinching, the better the results you produce. After some time, it isn’t pain anymore at all. Then, it’s time to know new pain.


What pain are you avoiding?

What pain do you need to embrace?

What pain you have adjusted to? How do you move to a something that makes you uncomfortable again?

Anthony Iannarino
Post by Anthony Iannarino
June 24, 2013
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