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  1. The words you use to ask for your dream client’s business are less important than all of the things you do leading up to that point.
  2. There are a lot of smaller “asks” that you need to make on your way to the final “ask.” You can’t move the final “ask” forward by skipping the “asks” that should have come before it.
  3. Your dream client wants you to ask for their business. They want to work with someone who wants to do the work.
  4. If the language you use to close makes you uncomfortable, then it probably isn’t good closing language. If your close has a name, then it probably isn’t good for business-to-business sales.
  5. If your dream client doesn’t say “yes” to your ask, then they have some concern that you haven’t yet resolved. If you don’t resolve that concern (or overcome that objection, if you prefer), then you are not going to get an affirmative answer by asking again.
  6. If your dream client has needs now, ask for the opportunity to help, even if you haven’t completed all the steps in your sales process. You can begin working with them while you are going through the process.
  7. There is no scenario in which it makes sense for you to wait for your dream client to ask you to work with them. Not asking for the business doesn’t make you a better salesperson.
  8. Sometimes the best way to help your dream client is to ask for the commitment to get started and force them to make a decision that they have been postponing because they are afraid to make a change that is necessary.
  9. Asking for the commitments you need to serve your dream client doesn’t make you a bad or pushy salesperson. Not asking does.


Post by Anthony Iannarino on December 11, 2014

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Anthony Iannarino
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