Today’s guest, Brian Tracy, pulled himself up from nothing through sales, to build a speaking, coaching, consulting, and training organization. He is known for his work with goal setting and motivation. Brian fell into sales as a career and struggled up the sales ladder. He realized that all sales skills are learnable and developed a recipe for success that you can follow.  On this episode we unpack why sales management is the critical role in producing sales results, what customers really want, the importance of your own self-esteem, why it is your job to help people in life and work, why you are making price the issue, and Brian’s newest book. Tune in to this loaded episode of In the Arena.

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Superstar sales management

Brian Tracy talks today about the range of changes in professional selling. He is comprehensive and extensive in his 24 part program that takes professional selling to the next level. Brian has trained the average to superstar status in the sales world. Where is the pivotal role? Brian believes sales managers are the critical factor in determining the success of a business. If you develop your managers, you are building leaders that will bring up the entire company. Teach your sales managers to stay in step with changes and you are on your way to success. Listen in for Brian’s take on the split of the sales market and how to customize and specialize service and product offerings to increase your profit and income.

YOU are making price the issue

Are you threatened by price? Brian Tracy is here to explain that cheap offers, equal cheap results. Is it time for you to start selling higher priced options against lower priced competition? Brian provides an inside look at why pushing past the daunting issue of price is actually to your advantage. Brian has researched and worked with all the other factors important to customers. Talk to any customer after the fact and they mention price last, if at all, as a factor in deciding to purchase. People do not want cheap results. They do not want the eventual frustration that cheap brings. Show them today that YOU are charging the right price.

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You are teaching, not selling

Similar to a doctor, your role as a salesperson is to help people. You know your services and you have the cure for what ails them. Your bedside manner matters. On today’s episode, Brian Tracy teaches on how to lower the stress of selling by keeping your focus on helping. You can change your status from pushy seller to teacher and healer, by showing the customer how to get the maximum value from their purchase. Teach value as a trusted advisor and consultant. Brian speaks to your manner as a teacher and how to increase the buying desire from your customers. But it all starts with how you view yourself. Get in the arena today, with Brian Tracy.

Go for “No”

The number one block to your sales success is the fear of rejection. Are you afraid of “no”? Brian Tracy says that the way to aggressively get people to say yes is to go after those no’s. There is a correlation to the number of no’s you receive, and the eventual yes’s. Rack up your rejection and you are closer to sealing more deals. The key here? Rejection is not personal. Listen in today to gain the confidence to continue on. How you feel about yourself might be your issue. Successful people like themselves, and as Brian says, love their work. Tune in for a confidence booster to persist and pursue in the arena.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Background and introduction of today’s guest, Brian Tracy.
  • How Brian got into sales.
  • What is the highest payoff in a sales company?
  • The big changes in professional selling.
  • Are you making price the issue?
  • Discussing Brian’s book, Unlimited Sales Success.
  • Price reluctance related to self-esteem as a salesperson.
  • Your job is to help people.
  • Your sales are determined by how people perceive you.
  • Talking about Zig Ziglar.
  • Resources to find out more about Brian Tracy

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