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Better Than You Believe (A Note to the Sales Leader)

Your salespeople are better than you think they are. They deserve more credit than you sometimes give them.

Solving the Wrong Problem and Subtracting Value

The chain restaurant specializing in ribs in my neighborhood was struggling. Their business wasn’t doing well, the quality ...

The Professional and the Amateur

The professional never stops studying their craft. They never stop training, and they never stop trying to make the ...

You Get What You Pay For. More Or Less.

Cheap isn’t about value creation. It’s about the absence of value. It’s true that some segment of customers, regardless of ...

Why I Write What I Write

I write about caring because I believe it lies at the heart of trust and relationships. In the end, you are going to measure ...

On Unlimited Sales Success with Brian Tracy – Episode 29

Today’s guest, Brian Tracy, pulled himself up from nothing through sales, to build a speaking, coaching, consulting, and ...

More Is Not Better. Better Is.

More clients. More sales. More profit.

This Is How I Work

This is my riff on Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series.

How We Learn

There are many ways to learn.

What the After Picture Is Missing

When you look at the “after” picture, you can’t see the actual work it took to get there. You only see the statue after all ...