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Blog Category // 2013 (2)

Too Little, Too Inconsistently, for Too Long

Too Little Activity: If your results this year are not what you wanted them to be, it is likely that you did too little ...

Old Habits Die Hard

You really want to stop procrastinating, turn off the distractions, and do the work of opening new relationships (or ...

Revealing Your Priorities

How you spend your time reveals your priorities. The investment of your focus and attention provides a picture of what you ...


It doesn’t take courage to seek revenge on those who have harmed you. It takes courage to forgive them.

What You Should Expect

Expected Expectations Your dream client should expect you to pursue them over time. They should come to expect your calls, ...
Sales Manager Challenge

Why I Don’t Trust The Research

Sales research shows one part of a picture. It’s a view from a certain angle. From that angle you get a very clear picture. ...

How To Have Productive Disagreements

As you work in sales and in business you are going to disagree with your peers and your team about what the best course of ...

Social And Selling Without Shame

There are some people who believe that selling has no place on social media. They believe that to sell would be unholy, ...

Five Reasons Your Opportunity Stalled

The best way to deal with the stalled opportunity is not allow it to stall in the first place. It’s much more difficult to ...

What You Need To Believe

Believe that you can win. That you can still win. That you are playing the long game.

Not Yet Enough

The universe is abundance. The challenges we humans face are not rooted in any lack of resources; they are rooted in our ...

The Heart of Your Results

Why aren’t you getting the results you want? What has to change for you to improve the outcomes you’re getting?

Some Random Thoughts

Before you make a major withdraw from a relationship, make sure you have made more than enough deposits to cover it. Then, ...

Five Ways to Improve Your Nasty, Foul Attitude

Your attitude is everything. (Here’s an attitude checklist)

Stop Competing Against Transactional Value

This post was written as part of the IBM for Midsize Business program, which provides midsize businesses with the tools, ...

Are You Busy Or Are You Getting Things Done?

There is a difference between being busy and getting things done, and it is important to recognize the difference.

Be Curious

The exceptionally smart people I know are also exceptionally curious. They are always hunting for and exploring new ideas.

Stop Being Transactional and Start Being Consultative

Stop trying to sell product and start focusing on how you help your client with business outcomes.

Fearing the Wrong Dangers

You fear the wrong dangers.

No Margin Is An Error

No profit margin wouldn’t be an error; it would be a disaster. This is a different margin.

Adjust Your Own Mask First

The safety announcement on an airline reminds you that, should cabin pressure be suddenly lost, you are to adjust your own ...

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