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The New Discovery

Globalization, disintermediation, commoditization, among other forces of The Disruptive Age, have all combined to change how ...

Loyalty Eventually Serves You

Your dream client is ferociously loyal to your competitor. They have deep relationships, relationships that aren’t going to ...

A List of Force Multipliers

There are certain attributes and skills that not only enable greater results, they multiply them. When you combine these ...

Two Problems You Have Generating Results (The Hustler’s Playbook)

There are two main reasons you aren’t producing the results you want now.

Salespeople Aren’t Lazy. They’re Poorly Led.

Salespeople are not lazy. They’re poorly led.
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Statistics and Pure Social Selling Nonsense, Lies! Damn Lies!!

Yesterday the article’s headline read, 84 percent of B2B Sales Start with a Referral — Not a Salesperson. Today the headline ...

Your Long Game Strategy and Your Short Game Strategy

The results you want when you play the long game are made up of the results you create by playing the short game.

The Power of an Indomitable Mindset

Impossible to beat. Impossible to subdue.

Move Up a Level

If you don’t know what you should be doing right now, move up a level.

Resisting Political Divisiveness and Your Better Angels

No one has ever won a political argument. I’m not sure Jefferson, Adams, or Hamilton, Madison, and Jay ever did. Thomas ...

The Hustler’s Playbook: The Decision to Control Your Life

Successful people believe that the source of their success is internal. Less successful people believe that external forces ...

The Wussification of the American Salesperson

You can’t be a trusted advisor and a consultative salesperson and also be a marshmallow. You can’t be your dream client’s ...

If You Only Had 8 Hours to Create an Opportunity

Let’s say you have eight hours to prospect and it is absolutely essential that you generate the very best possible results. ...

10 Reasons Social Selling Is Failing

Social Selling isn’t living up to its promise. Those promises have been exaggerated and oversold. Social selling is failing.

The Path to Mastery

Work to learn your craft. Take years to learn it. Stay inside and work while other people are out playing and having fun. ...

The Deal You Are Offering Your Dream Client

Everyone wants a deal. You have to decide what kind of deal you want to give them.

The Hustler’s Playbook: Avoid Bad Advice

A lot of people will offer you advice. Most of it, you should avoid.

How You Became the Sales Manager You Are

As a sales manager, you are a composite of the sales managers you worked for.

Digital You

Your identity is online now. Forever. There is, right now, a Digital You.

You Become What You Think About

It was a few weeks after my brain surgeries, and I was sitting in my neurologist’s office filling out paperwork. Before the ...

Creating Opportunities > Qualifying Opportunities

What if qualifying isn’t the most important thing you should be doing right now? What if you are supposed to be creating ...
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