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You can tell a hustler from a non-hustler by the way that they walk. A non-hustler is moving forward, but not very quickly, and with no apparent purpose. A hustler, on the other hand, looks like they are flying, moving purposefully towards some target in front of them. And this is one of the defining differences between hustlers and non-hustlers: a sense of urgency.

Hustlers act with a sense of urgency. A hustler believes they things need to get done, and they need to get done right now. If a client calls with a need, the hustler immediately takes care of the need. If a call needs to be made, the hustler picks up the phone and makes the call. Even when a hustler doesn’t know the answer to a question and offers to get back with the person they are trying to help, they get back with that person that same day.

The hustler feels an internal sense of urgency. The pressure to act never has to be applied by outside forces of any kind, not a parent, not a boss, not a client.

A non-hustler will get to things in due time. They want to get things done, too, but they don’t feel any internal pressure to get them done now. Tomorrow is fine, if not, the day after that will work, too. The non-hustler describes themselves as a procrastinator, something a hustler would never dream of calling themselves. In this, the non-hustler could learn from the hustler.

Action taken now is better than action taken tomorrow. This is true because results now are better than results tomorrow. As Patton put it, “A good plan violently executed now is better than the perfect plan executed next week.”

Post by Anthony Iannarino on July 5, 2014

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Anthony Iannarino
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