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Can you really conduct valuable sales training virtually?

2020 introduced us to many new virtual events and opportunities. Virtual work, virtual happy hours, and virtual graduation ceremonies and weddings all took off. Some have stood the test of time in a post-2020 world. Others have fallen by the wayside. In which category does virtual sales training belong?

This post will explore the basics of virtual sales training. I’ll discuss whether or not I think it's an effective tool for developing your sales teams. Then I'll give my two cents on the top six virtual sales training programs you may want to explore for your business.

Is Virtual Sales Training Effective? 

Virtual sales training is exactly what it sounds like: sales training that takes place in a virtual environment. There are about as many variations of virtual sales training programs as there are in-person training events—pre-recorded self-driven, webinar/seminar style, cohort-based training, and more.

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Conducting training virtually may seem like a less effective way to reach your sales team. However, new technologies provide a solid foundation for learning in a way virtual tools weren’t capable of providing in the past. Additionally, online sales training comes with numerous advantages over live training. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

  • Reduced Cost: Virtual training removes the need for flights, hotels, transportation, meals, hall fees, and more. 
  • Increased Productivity: Sales reps can attend virtual training in smaller pockets of time, resulting in less time lost from the field.
  • Targeted Training: Virtual training allows reps to train one competency at a time, making it easier to retain and execute on what they have learned. 
  • Long-Term Development: Meaningful change is a long-term process. Virtual training enables sales reps to acquire new knowledge over a longer period of time. 

Virtual training doesn’t mean the death of in-person training, however. Salespeople now use hybrid approaches to selling, showing up to the client's office and using video conferencing. I also recommend this approach to training, combining occasional live training or seminars with regular virtual training. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at six great virtual sales training programs you and your team can leverage to level-up your skills and crush your targets. 

1. The Art of Sales—Coursera 

The Art of Sales program from Coursera focuses primarily on sales skills for newer salespeople. Courses in this program include virtual lessons on customer segmentation, sales pitches, and connecting with prospects. 

This program is a best fit for professionals new to the sales industry or young teams looking to gain baseline knowledge and a starter toolkit for sales success.

Price: Free

2. Enterprise Sales—EdX 

Queen’s University offers a certificate program in enterprise sales through In this program, you will learn enterprise selling, sales enablement, and account management. The courses focus on analyzing current trends, understanding the ins and outs of the sales funnel, and leveraging data to improve your results.

This program is the best fit for sales professionals looking to hone their skills related to enterprise sales with the goal of moving into leadership or managerial roles. 

Price: $447 for a five-month program

3. Sales Accelerator—Anthony Iannarino 

My Sales Accelerator offers various virtual courses across the spectrum of sales skills, tactics, and strategies. You can leverage this program either as an individual rep, building your own program to learn the skills you need to advance every sale, or as a sales manager, tailoring a program to fit your team as a whole.

Sales professionals at all levels and within all roles in your sales team can benefit from the courses offered by the Sales Accelerator. This program is self-paced and can be adapted to individual needs with guided learning paths for developing specific skillsets. The program also offers bi-monthly virtual training sessions where Anthony will break down specific concepts related to sales leadership and offer tactical steps for addressing them.

Price: $997 per year for unlimited access

4. Applied Leadership and Coaching for Sales Performance—3GS Selling

3GS Selling offers a five-module, live virtual sales training program for leadership and coaching. The program uses real-world examples and challenges to help learners see how to overcome the barriers that are inhibiting their teams and coaching efforts on a daily basis. 

This program is a good fit for sales managers or team leads looking to level-up their skills and help their teams grow and develop.

Price: $1200

5. Inbound Sales—HubSpot 

Tech giant HubSpot offers a virtual certification in inbound sales. This course can help you learn how to identify prospects, connect with them, and advise them, guiding them through the sales funnel. You can complete this course certification in just over three hours. 

The inbound sales certification course is a great program for sales reps as well as inbound marketers looking to collaborate and connect with their sales teams.

Price: Free

6. Sales Training—ASLAN 

ASLAN training offers virtual sales training for every role on your sales team. The ASLAN program has four tracks: inside sales, call center sales, field sales, and sales leadership. Each program addresses the unique challenges associated with each facet of the sales industry and team facet. 

ASLAN training is a strong fit for sales individuals whose roles fall into the above categories, looking to level up their general sales knowledge.

Additionally, sales managers looking to strengthen their leadership skills can benefit from the leadership track.

Price: Available upon request only

Making the Most of the Best Virtual Sales Training 

Whether your team is hybrid, remote, or all in-person, you and your staff can benefit from virtual sales training programs like this list. To select the right virtual sales program for your team you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Skill level
  • Training focus
  • Sales approach (discuss modern sales approach here)
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Price and value

If you are looking for the best virtual sales training program for sales professionals and leaders at every level and stage of their career, you may want to explore my Sales Accelerator.

With the Accelerator, your leaders and reps will learn the skills and language they need to advance every sale and maximize their sales potential. Get started with the Accelerator today to help your reps gain confidence and effectiveness in their sales efforts. 

Post by Anthony Iannarino on November 6, 2022
Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an author of four books on the modern sales approach, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. Anthony posts here daily.
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