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Executive Briefing Training

with Sales Accelerator access and more!

A quarterly sales training program for individuals wishing to learn the art of the executive briefing. This includes live training, access to monthly events, and a full year of access to the Sales Accelerator on-demand learning platform.

Live Training w/ Anthony and Your Peers 
Monthly Virtual Events
12-month of Sales Accelerator Access!

Now registering next session for Q3 2024 from July – Sept.

While the Q3-2024 session does not begin until July, you will still receive instant access to the Sales Accelerator platform upon successful checkout.

What Is Included In This Program?

3 months of training to help you develop an executive briefing for your clients, plus a full year of access to our learning platform and live virtual events! 💪


Bi-Weekly Meetings

For 3 months, we'll have bi-weekly live virtual training sessions to master the executive briefing approach.


1 Year of Sales Accelerator

This is our on-demand virtual training platform so you can reinforce your skills at your own pace.


Monthly Virtual Events

You'll also receive access to our monthly virtual execution labs for one year.

Why We Created the Executive Briefing Training

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Join the Executive Briefing Program Today!

$2497 $1497

Now registering the Q3-2024 session.

While this does not begin until July, you will still receive instant access to the Sales Accelerator platform upon successful checkout.


What is the Executive Briefing Program?

Did you know that:

  • Win rates hover around 17%, a shockingly low number.
  • Quota attainment is only slightly better, around the mid-20s.
  • 89% of salespeople report experiencing burnout.

The problem for salespeople today is a lack of value creation in the sales conversation. In an era where buyers often prefer a “salesperson-free” experience, it's crucial to create value in every interaction.

It's not your fault if you've never been taught how to create value in sales conversations. Many sales leaders and sales managers lack exposure to modern, effective sales strategies suitable for today's uncertain environment. Even though this isn’t your fault, you will need to solve the problem of creating value.

You know how you feel when your contacts treat you like a commodity. You know how it feels when your contact is not engaged in the conversation you are having. If you have had a client ghost you, it is because they didn’t find the conversation valuable enough to agree to another meeting.

The solution to this problem is value creation. One of the most effective ways to create value immediately and differentiate yourself, and to block any attempt to treat you as a commodity, is to use an executive briefing in your first meeting. 

For the first time, we're offering a cohort program to help you develop an executive briefing for your clients. This program gives you the tools and strategies to build a value-creating experience.


The Power of the Executive Briefing

  1. You create immediate value in the first three minutes of your sales conversation.
  2. Your client recognizes you as an expert and authority.
  3. You initiate the “why change” conversation without probing for problems.
  4. Having created value in the first meeting, securing a second meeting becomes easier.


In this training you'll learn:

  • How to research and identify trends and forces impacting your clients. You will use this throughout your career, ensuring you create value in every meeting.
  • Methods to address outdated beliefs or assumptions, integrating your insights into your executive briefing, and helping your contacts understand what changed and what they need to believe now.
  • Strategies to build insights and organize your experience, guiding your clients toward better decisions. You don’t know what you know until you document it. You have more insights than you know, and you will identify them and use them to create value for your clients.
  • Tactics to compel your contacts to embrace change and distinguish yourself from average sales reps, the ones who get ghosted and fail to get to a second meeting.


Comprehensive Structure of the Program

The program spans three months, focusing on:

  • Bi-weekly live virtual training sessions to master the executive briefing approach.
  • Assessment of your executive briefing, with feedback and recommendations for refinement.
  • A limited intake of 40 participants ensures an intensive, focused experience.

If you are not sure about this program, please let someone else take it.

If after three weeks you decide it isn’t for you, we will refund your payment.

Action takers will receive:

  • One year of access to Sales Accelerator.
  • Monthly live virtual execution lab training for a year.
  • Several executive briefing models to understand what effective insights entail.
  • Research prompts for a deeper understanding of your client’s industry.

RESULTS - What Should You Expect?

Most Important: Do The Work!  


  • More Opportunities:  You’ll be able to create and capture more opportunities from new clients and existing ones.
  • Confidence: You'll be way more confident and more effective in sales conversations.
  • Competitive Differentiator: You’ll leave the program with a modern sales approach, one that works in this environment, and is different from all your competitors.
  • Peer Support: You'll also have new friends you can reach out to in order to seek guidance during and after this program.
  • Time Investment: You’ll spend about ninety minutes each week working on the assignments, including the time you meet with your cohort.

How to Join

This program is only $1,497 for 3 months of training and an entire year of access to on-demand modules in Sales Accelerator!  That is 12 months of development, talk tracks, strategies, business acumen, tools, etc.!

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