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Do you have login fatigue? I know I do.

Juggling half a dozen different programs just to manage your sales can feel exhausting. 

You have your email system, your CRM tool, maybe some automation or lead generation tools. 

After a while, you need a spreadsheet just to manage all your passwords. Do you really need to add a B2B sales prospecting software to the mix? 

My take on new tools is, if I’m going to add it to my sales tech stack—and add another password to my password manager—it better be worth my time and money

A great tool might even replace a few others I currently have in my stack. The best tool will make me wonder how I ever functioned without it. 

This post will discuss ten incredible B2B sales prospecting software options. We’ll dive into the use-cases for each option and provide reviews to give you an idea of what current customers think of the software. Let’s get started. 

Do You Need B2B Sales Prospecting Software? 

Before I dive into my list, I want to talk a bit about B2B sales prospecting in general—and argue why you need software to help with it in the first place.

B2B sales prospecting is the process you’ll use to create opportunities and fill your sales pipeline. Finding and connecting with potential customers is challenging in any space, but filling your pipeline in the B2B space, where you may need approval from multiple decision-makers and work in a longer sales cycle, is especially critical. B2B sales prospecting software can help you in this area.

What is the best option for B2B prospecting software? There may not be a universal “best” that works for every business. Instead, you’ll want to take the time to find the tool that works for you and gives you the results you need.

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I’ll talk about ten of my favorite tools in this post, giving you the information you need to start deciding if they’re the right fit for your pipeline. 


1. Expandi 

The first tool you may want to explore for your B2B sales prospecting efforts is Expandi. Expandi is a sales automation software that integrates with LinkedIn. This integration makes it ideal for B2B prospecting. 

What it’s best for: You can use Expandi to automate your LinkedIn outreach and emails, create sequences, and more. 

Pricing: This service costs $99 per month per user. 

According to one reviewer: 

“I love the automated connection tool. It allows you to automatically add connections based on your search for contacts with personalized messaging. The response rate is outstanding so far. It also allows for automated messages after you've made contact.” -g2 Reviewer

2. Close 

Another tool you may want to explore is Close CRM. Close is a marketing and sales prospecting platform. It offers customer relationship management features as well as functionality to help with cold and warm calling. The tool can also help you create flexible email marketing solutions.

What it’s best for: Close CRM is a great tool for organizing your customers and prospects. It’s also an incredible tool for email outreach. 

Pricing: The most popular package of Close CRM starts at $99 per user per month.

According to one user:

“The main benefit of close is that you can manage customer relationships. You can make phone calls directly from close and all activities (emails, appointments) are automatically logged and documented. Reporting is ok. The sales work gets very transparent.” -g2 Reviewer

3. ActiveCampaign 

Though ActiveCampaign focuses on email automation, the tool also includes CRM features. You can use ActiveCampaign for segmentation, customer support, and more. 

I have used both ActiveCampaign and InfusionSoft. I found ActiveCampaign to be very easy to use compared to Infusionsoft. 

What it’s best for: If you need to automate some communications, it is a great value for the money you will spend.

Pricing: The Professional package of ActiveCampaign costs $149 per month.

According to one user:

“ActiveCampaign takes away a lot of the manual steps within our business and team admin roles. As a result, the company is more efficient and attentive to our audiences' needs.” -g2 Reviewer

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

Even though we must forgive the spray and prey brutes who charge into our InMail every time we log into LinkedIn, it’s where our prospective clients are, too. If you are smart enough to understand that you should create value before trying to claim value, you'll be able to connect with the contacts you need to meet.

What it’s best for: LinkedIn is the best social media platform for most B2B sales. The Sales Navigator lets you build lists based on company and contact information, enabling you to find the decision-makers at key organizations in your market. 

One reviewer says:

“The direct connection to LinkedIn is its best feature. The next best is the ability to save and map leads to an account. The mapping feature is better than others I have seen. Simple to tag leads and accounts.” -g2 Reviewer

5. Overloop 

Overloop, formerly known as Prospect.io, is known for its email verification capabilities, but this software also includes features for email finding and sales automation. 

What it’s best for: You can use Overloop for sales automation across all your outbound channels. This tool integrates with solutions like LinkedIn and HubSpot. You can also use their Google Chrome extension to create contacts on the fly from anywhere on the web. 

Pricing: Access to the tool costs $99 per user per month. 

According to one user:

“Something that I really loved about Overloop is the workflow in addition to the accuracy meter when it comes to finding emails.” -g2 Reviewer

6. Leadfeeder 

Leadfeeder is a unique sales prospecting tool that tracks visitors to your website, enabling you to obtain contact information for site visitors even if they do not fill out a form or provide their email directly. 

What it’s best for: Leadfeeder is best for analyzing your current web traffic and leveraging that traffic to gain additional leads. 

Pricing: You can use the basic version of Leadfeeder for free, but to get access to premium features and see leads more than one week old, you’ll need premium, which begins at $79 per month. 

One reviewer says:

“Leadfeeder really helps us out on tracking which companies have checked on our site and for that reason helps us on our outbound marketing engagement, I would recommend it to everyone.” -g2 Reviewer

7. FollowerWonk 

FollowerWonk is a prospecting tool that enables you to search for contacts via Twitter. Using FollowerWonk, you can search across thousands of bios for specific keywords such as “Growth Marketer,” or “Graphic Designer.”

What it’s best for: This tool can segment your followers based on location, the accounts they follow, and more. Additionally, you can compare your follower relationships with those of your competitors through Followerwonk. You may want to check this tool out if you’re using Twitter for your B2B sales prospecting efforts. 

Pricing: The most popular package starts at $29 per month. 

One user reports:

“You can search Twitter users by a variety of factors, and you can check out your competitors' followers and sort them by all sorts of characteristics. It has been an invaluable tool in growing my clients' Twitter presences.” -g2 Reviewer

8. Mattermark 

Mattermark enables you to search businesses by geographical location, organization size, industry, and more. You can integrate Mattermark with Salesforce, aiding in automation efforts.

What it’s best for: This tool comes with lead enrichment features, enabling you to populate your CRM with company and employee data from the web. Mattermark can also help you prioritize your outreach by scoring each company’s historical growth rate, getting you in touch with your best prospects first. 

Pricing: The basic package of Mattermark starts at $49 per user per month. 

At the time of writing, Mattermark doesn’t have any user reviews online.

9. BuiltWith 

BuiltWith isn’t a tool that will work for all B2B sales, but sales professionals in the tech industry may find this tool helpful. You can use BuiltWith to find lists of companies using certain tech tools. 

What it’s best for: If you’re looking for help with sales intelligence, Builtwith might be the tool for you. To improve your conversions, you can use BuiltWith to learn about your prospects’ platform before starting the conversation. 

Pricing: You can access the basic BuiltWith package for $295 per month. 

According to one user:

“BuiltWith is a super easy tool that provides a ton of valuable information for prospecting and qualifying. The information provided is straightforward, and their target account list generation is smooth and easily imported into HubSpot or other CRMs/Outreach tools. I always check it before I make contact with someone new! I love it!” -g2 Reviewer

10. FindThatLead 

FindThatLead is an email address finder. You can use FindThatLead to enter target domain names or install a Chrome extension and use FindThatLead as you browse company websites directly. 

What it’s best for: FindThatLead lets you copy and paste the profile URL for any Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram account to retrieve their contact email. 

Pricing: Packages of FindThatLead start at $49 per month.

One user says:

“We appreciate they are continuously updating the platform with 10-point rated new services. We strongly recommend! Send emails with love!” -g2 Reviews

Getting The Most From Your B2B Sales Prospecting Software 

Combing through this list, you should be able to find incredible B2B sales prospecting software that can help take your prospecting efforts to the next level. However, a great tool is just the beginning. You can have the best tool on the market and still struggle to fill your pipeline if your team doesn’t have the skills and mindset to leverage that tool to its fullest potential.

To use tools like these to their full potential, you’ll need incredible prospecting processes and practices to fill your pipeline to bursting. Check out my free resource, the Prospecting Playbook, today to see how you can level up your prospecting skills and get started on your journey toward crushing your sales targets. 

Post by Anthony Iannarino on August 25, 2022

Written and edited by human brains and human hands.

Anthony Iannarino
Anthony Iannarino is a writer, an international speaker, and an entrepreneur. He is the author of four books on the modern sales approach, one book on sales leadership, and his latest book called The Negativity Fast releases on 10.31.23. Anthony posts daily content here at TheSalesBlog.com.
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