I love the movie The Secret. There is definitely something to the Law of Attraction. I’ve seen the law work for longer than I have been aware of the idea. If what you put out is negative, what comes back is equally negative (and sometimes even more negative). If what you put out is positive, then what comes back is equally positive, and oftentimes even more positive.

A friend of mine sent me a clip of someone insisting that just thinking something would make it come true, and writing it down would ensure it. This isn’t the law of attraction; it’s wishing.

The law of attraction works, but only if you do.

Attracting Negativity

How do you produce negative results? You think negative thoughts. You harbor negative beliefs about yourself and about others. You take actions that are perceived as negative. Have you ever seen someone who just looks angry? Just that look is enough to put people off. Negative thoughts and negative beliefs lead to negative actions, and negative actions produce negative results.

Doing nothing at all is taking a negative action. So is wasting your gifts or your talents. Those actions are negative enough to attract bad things to you.

Attracting Success

Just thinking positive isn’t enough to produce positive results (even though it is critical to producing those results). Having positive healthy beliefs isn’t enough either. It’s only when you couple your positive thoughts and positive beliefs with positive action that the Universe listens. The rest of the time, the Universe is quite content to watch you wallow around in mediocrity, getting by.

It looks like luck when someone puts out so much positivity that it comes back to them. But it isn’t luck. It’s the fact that they’ve been hustling, taking so much positive action that the only possible results are positive.

If the Universe is ignoring you, you better make more noise.

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Post by Anthony Iannarino on November 3, 2014
Anthony Iannarino
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